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I’m Aditya and perfectails.com is my internet existence.

I am a strange voice, the creator behind perfectails. This website was created in a fluke but developed an interest in blogging. While I’m pursuing my bachelors!! And blogging has become a full-time hobby. Where I keep the desire to grow my reach to millions of people.

I am born and raised in Maharashtra, India. where I currently live with my friends. My treasured things are spending time with my pets, travelling, eating. On a linked note I’ll absolutely love seeing pets that you own. Share your pet’s pictures with me and tag us on Instagram @perfectails.

In this space, I’ll be sharing most helpful pet care, (mostly) Frequent diseases and there cure, Tips regarding best food for your pet, and much more. So subscribe and you will be notified on every single update I do.

I will ignore posting blogs which are irrelevant or does not connect with animals in keeping any regards. To inspire and Grow your knowledge with animals and spread awareness amongs people who are cruel or feeling no concern about animals. People must know each and every animal is an important part of the Food chain and should be respected. And influence you with animals (pets) which are both pleasured and stimulation at once.

On perfectails reader will be satisfied with their pets related information’s Also with why there pet’s behaviour change and health-related informations and will be happy with the suggestions the will be getting about their pets and on perfectails.com The reader will be convinced about all the animal-related current ongoing affairs around the globe.

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I will also be sharing my own experiences on pets with you.

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